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HotStar 4 Pieces | Candles in Pure Soy Wax, CITRONELLA Scented| Burning 25 Hours Each | WECK glass | Size mm60x80

HotStar 4 Pieces | Candles in Pure Soy Wax, CITRONELLA Scented| Burning 25 Hours Each | WECK glass | Size mm60x80

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🥬 Candles in original WECK glass jar mm 60x80 reusable for food, complete with glass lid.

In pure soy wax, handmade in our artisan laboratory in Italy.

Soy wax is natural and biodegradable, it is the eco-friendly choice for classic or scented candles that respect the environment and last longer.

Our 100% pure soy candles are handmade, the wick is natural cotton.


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🌻 Very Scented, Made with 92% Soy wax and 8% CITRONELLA essential oil. Natural fragrance, YELLOW colour.

They deliver a wonderful energizing, stimulating, uplifting and antidepressant effect.

They are handmade candles, given the manual workmanship they may have some aesthetic or size imperfections compared to each other.

Our packaging is fully recyclable.

Care and respect for the environment are, in fact, important objectives, which we pursue with scrupulous dedication.

🌟 Made only with pure soy wax, untreated cotton wick and essential oil.

(They do not contain any petroleum derivatives such as paraffin etc etc).

Handmade in ITALY. Candles in natural soy wax with cotton wick and long burning time.

Each of our candles burns between 25 and 30 hours.

🤩 We are increasingly aware of the impact that the products we use have on the environment and increasingly determined to minimize it,

to contribute to a healthier world. Soy wax candles are a 100% renewable and sustainable resource.

Enjoy the warm atmosphere and sweet aroma of your natural candle. The wick should be kept at a length of 5-7 mm.

⚠️ Warnings: Keep away from children, pets and flammable objects.

Do not leave candles unattended. The color of the wax will gradually vary over time.

It is advisable to regularly trim the wick to a length of approximately 5 mm and to use them for a maximum of 3-4 hours per session.

Our candles are individually hand poured and unique, so size and weight may vary slightly.

1pc Glass Jar 
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